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Trade Alert Services

Interested in a specific trader here at Simpler? Several of our traders have their own Trade Alerts Service that focuses on that single trader in an interactive, smaller-group setting. Within each service, you’re given the chance to follow that specific trader’s trades – from start to finish. If you’ve already found your mentor, and they have a Trade Alerts Service, there’s no better way to stay up-to-date on everything they’re doing.

Weekly Live Trading Sessions

These sessions allow you to see their strategies in action and receive additional market analysis directly from your trader.

Trade Alerts

The market waits for no one. You’ll be sent trade alerts directly to your smartphone device whenever a trade is opened or closed.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

During these Q&A sessions, you’ll have the unique opportunity to get your trading questions answered in real-time.

Weekly Video Reviews

Weekly videos are a fantastic way to stay up to date! Each video contains open trades, closed trades, and an outlook for the following week.

Small Account Mastery

Have a small account and can’t focus on the markets all day? The Small Account Mastery Program was created to help members follow a proven plan and get ongoing guidance so they can become consistently profitable with a small account

Tr3ndy Trading Mastery

This membership is designed to help you master supply and demand trading with Tr3ndy Jon’s precise methodology. Discover a robust process that incorporates defined risk, targeted strategies, and exceptional market analysis.

Profit Recycling Mastery

Allison Ostrander’s mastery is designed to do just that: recycle your profits. It’s built off of the strategy that allowed her to grow a modest $10k account into $43k in about 90 days.

Sector Secrets Mastery

This program is designed to help traders master options on ETF strategies by sharing trades in real time. ETFs allow traders a substantial amount of leverage that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Strike Zone Mastery

This is the Mastery for futures traders of all account sizes, especially small accounts. Using his simple entry strategies, Joe Rokop’s Strike Zone calculates risk and reward based on market volatility and range.

Voodoo Mastery

Let the masters “map out the market” for you. Follow along in real-time as Henry Gambell and David Starr identify options trades with their precise Voodoo Masters strategy.

Compounding Growth Mastery

Master the Compounding Growth Technique which has contributed to Taylor Horton’s $25.3K profit in AMZN, $15.3K profit in GOOGL, $6.4K profit in NVDA, and more. The concept of compounding interest is so powerful.

Moxie Indicator™ Mastery

The goal of the Moxie Mastery Program is for you to learn how to enjoy precise entry and exits without wasting time or capital on weak stocks and false moves. Stay informed with real-time, actionable stock picks for your trading game.

Chart Patterns Mastery

The goal of this program is to put Chris Brecher in your corner. It’s designed to help you master his strategies at your own pace with his ongoing guidance. As a member, you get real-time trade alerts when Chris identifies setups that he trades with his own money.

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